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About Neil & Gradwell’s Gems

Gradwell’s Gems, a leader in the industry in the wholesale supply, cutting and repair of coloured gemstones.

The Company is run by Neil Gradwell who is assisted by daughter Amber. When Neil was a child, back in the 1950’s, he first developed an interest in colored stones, which was sparked by the finding of the largest emerald in the world by his grandfather M.Botes, the emerald was found at Gravelotte, South Africa.

Since 1983 he has been a manufacturing jeweller in Cape Town. During the same period he has been dealing in colored gemstones, supplying local and international outlets. Neil attends to every order personally.

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The Gemstone division is run by Neil Gradwell who has been dealing in coloured gemstones since 1983.

He learned to facet coloured gemstones in 1975 in what was then know as Rhodesia(Zimbabwe) at the Salisbury Poly Tech. For the last 30 years he has been procuring rough gemstones from East Africa and Nigeria and then having the larger stones expertly cut by local cutters or for the smaller calibrated stones, he uses cutting gem cutters in Thailand and China.

He supplies many of the Top South African jewelers with many different gems like Tanzanites, Tourmalines, Garnets, Aquamarines, Blue Topaz etc etc.

The same products are available to you directly from the cutting factory in Cape Town at WHOLESALE PRICES.

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